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August 1, 1940
Los Angeles Sentinel calls for abolition of poll tax

August 2, 1958: Ghanian Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah welcomed in Harlem, reported in Norfolk Journal and Guide

August 3, 1939: Clark University octet performs at Seventh World's Poultry Congress and Exposition in Cleveland, reported in Call and Post

August 4, 1983Los Angeles Sentinel profile of Janice Darling, owner and fitness director of Sweat Shop in Culver City

August 5, 1939: Singer Maxine Sullivan prepares for jazz version of "Midsummer Night's Dream," photo in New York Amsterdam News

August 6, 1966: Advertisement for news carriers in Norfolk Journal and Guide

August 7, 1909: Tenth Cavalry returns to New York City from Philippine Islands, reported in Baltimore Afro-American

August 8, 1936: Jesse Owens dominates the 1936 Berlin Olympics, reported in Chicago Defender

August 9, 1975: Chester Commodore editorial cartoon on black unemployment, featured in Pittsburgh Courier

August 10, 1946: World War II veteran Maceo Snipes killed for voting in Georgia, editorial in New York Amsterdam News

August 11, 1964: Mothers of slain civil rights workers, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner at funeral, reported in Philadelphia Tribune

August 12, 1972: "Page One Miss" Betty Jean Thomas in Chicago Defender

August 13, 1955: "On the Divorce Docket" column in Cleveland Call and Post

August 14, 1947Los Angles Sentinel welcomes Zetas, Kappas, Sigmas, Doctors, and Witnesses to city for conferences

August 15, 1966: James Brown and Muhammad Ali ride in Chicago Defender's Bud Billiken Parade

August 16, 1975: Dawn Magazine supplement in Pittsburgh Courier and Baltimore Afro-American

August 17, 1932: Langston Hughes and two dozen African-American artists stranded in Moscow after film project is cancelled, reported in Atlanta Daily World

August 18, 1917: Great Migration in the Norfolk Journal and Guide

August 19, 1911: Lynching of Zachariah Walker in Pittsburgh Courier

August 20, 1931Philadelphia Tribune advertisement boasting about paper's printing technology, staff, and service to citizens of Philadelphia

August 21, 1943: East Bronx merchants screen Stormy Weather, weeks after Harlem riot.  Reported in New York Amsterdam News

August 22, 1950: Black troops in 24th Infantry Regiment fighting in Korean War, reported in Atlanta Daily World

August 23, 1924: Dr. Robert Russa Moton speaks in Chicago, covered in Norfolk Journal and Guide

August 24, 1939: "Dark Night" protest against discriminatory practices by Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light, reported in Los Angeles Sentinel

August 25, 1917: National Medical Association moves annual meeting from Memphis to Philadelphia in response to lynching of Ell Persons

August 26, 1961: Fifteen-year-old Preston Cobb, Jr. sentenced to death in Georgia, reported in Cleveland Call and Post 

August 27, 1977New York Amsterdam News highlights what Elvis Presley took from black musicians

August 28, 2001Philadelphia Tribune mourns death of Aaliyah

August 29, 1953Philadelphia Tribune announces engagement of pianist Eunice Waymon (Nina Simone)

August 29, 1960: NAACP Youth Council stages "wade in" at Rainbow Beach, reported in Chicago Defender.  Guest post by Nick Juravich, Ph.D. candidate in the department of History at Columbia University

August 30, 1930: Riot breaks out at National Baptist Convention, reported in Baltimore Afro-American

August 31, 1963Philadelphia Tribune on the death of W.E.B. Dubois and a white mob harassing a black family for moving into all-white neighborhood in Folcroft, PA


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