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January 31, 1942
: Black press coverage of Red Cross/military ban on black blood donors

January 30, 1928: "Woman Kills Man" stories in Chicago Defender

January 29, 1972: "Madame President?: Our Shirley [Chisholm] First Black Woman to Run," NY Amsterdam News

​January 28, 1922St. Paul Appeal article on controversy over burial of former Louisiana governor P.B.S. Pinchback. 

​January 27, 1955California Eagle editorial cartoon regarding segregated shore leave for black U.S. Navy sailors in South Africa

January 26, 1935: Fan Tan skin bleach advertisement in Norfolk Journal and Guide

January 25, 1913
: Hair care advertisements in Philadelphia Tribune, featuring Madame T.D. Perkins "Scientific Scalp Specialist"

January 24, 1963:
 Gospel legend James Cleveland in the Los Angeles Sentinel.

January 23, 1947Los Angeles Sentinel promotes Harlem Globetrotters exhibition game.

January 22, 1966
Cleveland Call and Post columnist Daisy Craggett raises concerns over urban renewal plans in the Hough community.

January 21, 1911Chicago Defender subscription advertisement featuring The Life and Works of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

​January 20, 1943Atlanta Daily World "Society Swirl" article on farewell party for a "popular matron" who was going to work at a defense plant in Mobile, Alabama.
January 19, 1957:
 Baltimore Afro-American articles on founding of Southern Negro Leaders Conference on Transportation and Non-Violent Integration and Sidney Poitier's Edge of the City.

January 18, 1969: Articles related to first posthumous commemorations of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

January 17, 1953
: Debutante ball hosted by Royal Coterie of Snakes, photos in Chicago Defender.

January 16, 1936: "Sin syndicate" led by Queenie Parker described in Philadelphia Tribune.

January 15, 1927: Vaudeville producer Leonard Harper in Pittsburgh Courier.

January 14, 1956: "Our People: Pages from History" illustration by cartoonist Melvin Tapley in New York Amsterdam News.

January 13, 1938: Thomas Jefferson Flanagan's poetry column, "Up From Georgia With My Banjo," in the Atlanta Daily World.

January 12, 1952Cleveland Call and Post on murder of civil rights activists Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette Vyda Simms Moore.

January 11, 1975: Politician and professor Zoe Barbee mourned in Norfolk Journal and Guide after tragic car accident.

January 10, 1935: Los Angeles Sentinel profile of businesswoman Lela Rideout, owner of Spotless Cleaners.

January 9, 1971: Free exams to detect breast and uterine cancer given by Bronx Women's Liberation Health Committee, reported in New York Amsterdam News.

January 8, 1916: Teenage amateur radio enthusiast featured in Chicago Defender.

January 7, 1972: Advertisement for Soul Solider, a black Western about Buffalo Soldiers, in Atlanta Daily World.

January 6, 1940Norfolk Journal and Guide mourns the passing of Howard University's Kelly Miller, mathematician, sociologist, and author.

January 5, 1957: "Jocko" Henderson's rock 'n' roll radio show advertised in New York Amsterdam News.

January 4, 1936Baltimore Afro-American announces wedding of Temple University junior.

January 3, 1935Atlanta Daily World columnist I.P. Reynolds on his code of ethics for 1935.

January 2, 1947: Royal Crown Cola advertisement featuring actress and singer Etta Moten in Los Angeles Sentinel

January 1, 1938: New Opportunities on New Year's Day in Pittsburgh Courier.


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