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March 31, 1934: Philadelphia Tribune women's basketball team in the Norfolk Journal and Guide.

March 30, 1942: Pianist Hazel Scott and Broadway's "Priorities of 1942" in the Atlanta Daily World

March 29, 1930: Tuskegee Institute women's track team in Norfolk Journal and Guide

March 28, 1946Los Angeles Sentinel reports on employment breakthrough for black workers in auto production

March 27, 1971: South Carolina civil rights activist Victoria DeLee runs for Congress

March 26, 1955: Claudette Colvin's arrest reported in the Chicago Defender

March 25, 1944: Amy Ashwood Garvey in the New York Amsterdam News.  Guest post by Dr. Keisha N. Blain

March 25, 1939: Federal Housing Authority (FHA) discrimination in the New York Amsterdam News, Chicago Defender, and Los Angeles Sentinel and the black press.  Guest post by Michael Glass, Ph.D. student

March 24, 1906: Classified ads for clairvoyants, astrologists, and readers in the Baltimore Afro-American

March 23, 1957: "Hobo party" covered by Cleveland Call and Post society page, "Women's Whirl"

March 22, 1966: High school fencing champions in the Philadelphia Tribune

March 21, 1982Atlanta Daily World on convictions of Maggie Bozeman and Julia Wilder for voter fraud

March 20, 1948: Rosa Lee Ingram case in Pittsburgh Courier

March 19, 1910: Ida B. Wells-Barnett letter to the editor of the Chicago Defender

March 18, 1939New York Amsterdam News on Hattie McDaniel and Gone with the Wind.

March 17, 1977: Gertrude Gipson profile of Richard Pryor in the Los Angeles Sentinel

March 16, 1991​New York Amsterdam News on International Women's Day, featuring speaker Rosemari Mealey

March 15, 1913Baltimore Afro-American on the death of Harriet Tubman, "Queen of the Underground"

March 14, 1940Los Angeles Sentinel on the unsolved murder of Dorothy Lee Gordon

March 13, 1954Cleveland Call and Post on the Connie Morgan, Toni Stone, and Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, the three women who played Negro League baseball

March 12, 1936: Marian Anderson sets sail for European tour

March 11, 1944: Women's Army Corps advertisements in Cleveland Call and Post and Chicago Defender

March 10, 1945: Phyllis Daley, Navy's first African-American nurse, in the New York Amsterdam News

March 9, 1957Pittsburgh Courier celebrates Ghana's independence with 32-page supplement

March 8, 1965: Chicago Defender on Selma voting rights movement with reporting from Betty Washington

March 7, 1964​Norfolk Journal and Guide reports on "sleeper" antibusing amendment in 1964 Civil Rights Act

March 6, 1915Chicago Defender on the death of Amanda Smith, founder of the Amanda Smith Industrial School for Colored Girls

March 5, 1969: Bell Plastics' ads for plastic sofa covers in Los Angeles Sentinel

March 4, 1893Winter Park Advocate on town planning.  Guest post by Dr. Julian Chambliss

March 3, 1985Atlanta Daily World columnist Dr. Carrie George on the start of National Women's History Week

March 2, 1956: Tennis champion Althea Gibson trains for French Open and Wimbledon

March 1, 1947: Juanita Jackson Mitchell and Baltimore NAACP protest segregated seating at Ford's Theater

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