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September 1, 1928: Appeal to left-handed readers in the Pittsburgh Courier

September 2, 1950: "They'll Never Die" profile of Samuel A. McElwee in Norfolk Journal and Guide

September 3, 1960: Carver Federal to open new black bank branch in Brooklyn, reported in New York Amsterdam News

September 4, 1975: First National Conference on the Concerns of Black Women meets in Los Angeles, led by Caffie Greene.  Reported in Los Angeles Sentinel

September 5, 1987: Peter J. Ottley, president of Local 144 union representing hotel, hospital, and nursing home workers, leads New York City Labor Day parade.  Reported in New York Amsterdam News

September 6, 1958Cleveland Call and Post features Clara Luper who led youth sit-ins in Oklahoma City

September 7, 1967: Banquet for Cabrini-Green Homes softball and basketball tourney winners, featured in Chicago Defender

September 8, 1926: Savoy Ballroom in the New York Amsterdam News

September 9, 1961: Cleveland women organize rent strike, reported in Call and Post

September 10, 1955: Emmett Till in Chicago Defender

September 11, 2002: 9/11 and pilot LeRoy Homer Jr. remembered in Norfolk Journal and Guide

September 12, 1976: Actress and Singer Melba Moore joins children's television show "Big Blue Marble," reported in Atlanta Daily World

September 13, 1919: Congressional debate over Jim Crow railroad cars, reported in Philadelphia Tribune

September 14, 1989: Articles on hypertension and diabetes in Los Angeles Sentinel

September 15, 1906: Second U.S. Occupation of Cuba begins, reported in Baltimore Afro-American

September 16, 1963: Racists bomb 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, killing four young girls.  Reported in Chicago Defender

September 17, 1938: Soap advertisement featuring profile of Phillis Wheatley, published in Pittsburgh Courier

September 18, 1954: "It's Your Newspaper" advertisement in Norfolk Journal and Guide

September 19, 1942: Kansas City Monarchs and Satchel Paige face Homestead Grays and Josh Gibson in Negro World Series, reported in Philadelphia Tribune

September 20, 1952: Ad for Tan Magazine featuring "Army Life Changed My Husband," in Baltimore Afro-American

September 21, 1927: "Colored Home Seekers" wanted in Merrick Gardens, Springfield, Long Island, advertisement in New York Amsterdam News

September 22, 1932: Beauty hint, "abdominal fat can be ironed away," from the Atlanta Daily World

September 23, 1950: Robert S. Pious editorial cartoon on employment discrimination of black veterans in Cleveland Call and Post

September 24, 1960: Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) prepares to become professional boxer, reported in Chicago Defender

September 25, 1981: Articles in Philadelphia Tribune respond to Reagan administration budget cuts to welfare programs

September 26, 1957: Little Rock Nine integrate Central High School, reported in Chicago Defender

September 27, 1941Pittsburgh Courier reports on stage adaptation of Richard Wright's Native Son, directed by Orson Welles

September 28, 1989: "The Lady Knows the Game" sports column by Rhonda V. Smith in Los Angeles Sentinel

September 29, 1934‚Äč: Textile mille workers' strike ends, reported in Baltimore Afro-American

September 30, 1950: Dr. Ralph Bunche is awarded Nobel Peace Prize

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